You absolutely can do that! 

We'd love to connect an internal email address to your account so your ThankViews are even more recognizable and personal to your recipients. This feature is available if your organization has its own email domain. Once this is setup, your ThankViews will be sent from your organization's email address.

To set up your internal email we need any email address to start. This will be the default email address that appears in your campaign setup. Once you give the email you want to use to your Success Manager, our tech team will create a few short DNS instructions. We will send those over to you for your IT team to implement. 

Once they are implemented you will be able to change the email address to any email. It can be a general email like or a personal email such as

The email address is set at the campaign level so you can change the address for different campaigns. This is definitely not necessary, but it adds a personal touch to your sends. 

Without setting up an internal email address, all emails will send from

If your IT department doesn't allow us to set up the internal email address, this article has some helpful information about other options. 

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