ThankView is perfect for any campaign where you want to send a video to a group of people individually or all at once. It makes saying thank you to 10's, 100's, or 1000's personal and efficient. Our partners use ThankView to have important touchpoints with their constituents, donors, alumni, students, etc. 

Here's a list of  different use cases with ThankView: 

Donor Thank Yous
Donor Solicitations
Pledge Reminders
Giving Anniversary Video
Back to School "Get Excited" video
Valentine's Day
Happy Holiday Well Wishes
 Happy New Year Video
Fiscal Year End Appeal
Video from Scholarship Recipients
"Thank you for attending our Open House"
Post-campus tour Thank You
Welcome to Giving Society
Student-to-Donor Direct Thank You
Athletic Appeals
 Athletic Recruitment
RSVP Event Invite
Thanks for Attending Event/Sorry You Couldn't Join Us
Reunion Outreach
Updates from Students
Updates from Staff/Dean/President/Provost
Congrats on Acceptance Video
Happy Birthday Video
Remember to Register for Classes
Call Center
Giving Day Outreach
Giving Tuesday Outreach
5k Donor Outreach
Thank you to Volunteers

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