Yes! There are 2 ways you can preview your work: You can either preview the send in the Setup section of the Campaign process, or you can send a test ThankView to an email of your choosing to get the full effect.

1st Way:

At the very bottom of the Setup page, you'll find a Preview Email button, this will take you to a mock-up of what your recipient will see. Press the arrows on the right and left of the Preview to see how it would look like for other recipients.

This is an awesome way to double-check that your merge fields are correct and make sure your body text is formatted the way you'd like. You're also able to see how your email will appear on a person's desktop, tablet, or mobile device Be sure to scroll down to see the full view!

2nd way:

On the Send page, you have the ability to send a test ThankView to yourself.

Once your press the initial Send Test button, you'll be given a pop-up that asks you to select which recipient's ThankView you'd like to preview, as well as where you would like the test email to go. You can add up to ten emails to receive the test and use commas to separate multiple emails.

To select another recipient's ThankView for the test send, you can press the Select button to the right of the recipient on the pop-up, that will bring you to a search bar where you can search for the recipient whose ThankView you'd like to receive a preview of. Once you feel confident about your test setting, hit Send Test!

You can also send the test as a text message to a phone number by pressing the button that says "Or send test as text message." 

Once you're happy with the test, you can hit Schedule All to send now or schedule the Campaign to send a later time!

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