There are seven different permission levels available:

Admins have full rights. They can create, record, and send Campaigns; as well as view metrics and manage users.

Creators can do almost everything Admins can do. They're able to create Campaigns, record videos, send ThankViews, and view metrics; however, they lack the ability to add or edit users.

Senders have access to a portal that only allows them to schedule and send Campaigns. They're not able to edit Campaign settings or content, but they can send tests and approve sends before scheduling.

Organizers have access to a portal that puts them in control of adding, editing, and organizing recipient information. Their portal will include access to the Contacts and Lists pages, allowing them to upload spreadsheets and group contacts together accordingly.

Recorders have permission only to record and upload videos to an existing Campaign. They're able to do directly, via the Campaign's Videos page, or by adding content to the portal's Video Library.

Designers are granted access to customizing the look and feel of a Campaign.

Metrics Users are able to view and export the metrics page.

To edit permission levels of existing users:

• Go to Settings by clicking on the icon in the top right of your Portal.

• Click the Manage Users tab in the left sidebar.

• Click on the underlined name of the user you wish you edit.

You can select more than one permission level for each person. For example, a user can be given both Metrics and Designer permissions; they would then have access to the Metrics page, while also being able to edit assets on the Campaigns page. Selecting an Admin or Creator level will check off every permission level because those roles allow access to all Campaign areas.

As mentioned, Organizers, Recorders, Designers, Senders, and Metrics Users' will all have their own unique portals. These role-specific portals will only give them access to the areas they have permission to edit.

For example, a Recorder's portal will only display the Video step of the Campaigns page and access to the Video Library:

An Organizer's portal will only show the Contacts and Lists pages:

And a Sender's portal will only show the Campaign's Send page:

If an individual login does not have Admin or Creator permissions, they will not be able to see email addresses at all. However, there is not currently a way to prevent Admins of different departments from seeing the lists/videos of other departments. For that, you'd need to set up different accounts, which is where the Multi Department Pass would come into play. 

Contact your Success Manager or for more information. 

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