There are seven different permission levels available:

Admins - Full rights. Admins can create campaigns, send campaigns, see metrics, and has the ability to manage other users

Creators - Create, design, add recipients, record, and send ThankViews. Creators also have access to the metrics.

Senders - Only access to send ThankViews. Senders cannot edit a campaign, but they can send themselves a test and approve a send before scheduling.

Organizers - Only access to add recipients. Organizers can upload recipients to campaigns or add recipients to the Contacts or List pages.

Recorders - Only access to record ThankViews. Recorders can upload videos directly to a campaigns' Videos page or into the Video Library.

Designers - Only access to select and customize the theme and envelope.

Metrics - Only access to view metrics

You can add or edits users on the "Manage Users" tab.

You can select more than one permission level for each person. For example, a user could have Metrics and Designer permissions. 

A Sender, Organizer, Recorder, Designer and Metric users' portals will all look differently. They will only see the pages that they have access to edit.

For example, a Recorder's portal will only show the Videos pages.

An Organizer's portal will only show the Contact pages.

And a Sender's portal will only show the Send pages of a campaign setup.

If an individual login does not have Admin or Creator permissions, they will not be able to see email addresses at all. However, there is not currently a way to prevent admins of different departments from seeing the lists/videos of other departments. For that, you'd need to set up different accounts, which is where the Multi Department Pass would come into play. 

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