There are several ways you can go about doing this! You can upload or record videos directly to your video library, and then select which one you want for your recipients.

You can also use the "Video Request" campaign feature to have recipients send video replies to you, which will save directly to your video library. To start, create a new campaign and select "Video Request" in the category section.

In the "Video Request" campaign, upload the students, employees, or other individuals that you wish to make videos as your recipients.  After adding your recipients (a.k.a. the people you want to submit videos), you'll be prompted to give instructions. Use the Title, First Name, Last Name and Notes merge fields to personalize the requests. Optionally, you can even set a due date for submissions.  

If you add a due date, take advantage of our "auto-pestering" feature. No longer must you badger the lollygaggers - let us deal with that for you! You can set up to three auto-reminders that will stop once the recipient's video is submitted.  

Send your Video Request via email or text message. Recipients will be driven to a page where they can read their instructions and submit a video. They can record it directly, upload a pre-existing video or check out tips on how to produce the perfect response.  

Once a video is submitted, it flies right into your Video Library where it can be reviewed, downloaded or sent to a donor. The advantage of collecting videos in this manner is that no one submitting videos needs to be a user on ThankView, so anyone can participate!

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