The stars in the Recipients section of Metrics represent the client engagement scores. The client engagement scores are based on an algorithm that calculates engagement based on how much a recipient interacts with his or her ThankView.
You can export this data and see how each recipient is scored. 

The score is based on several stats:

  • Sends - How many ThankViews you have sent to this person
  • Opened - How many time this recipient opened the email you sent
  • Watched - If a recipient watches the ThankView for at least three seconds, it will register as Watched.
  • Finished - How many time this recipient completed watching the video
  • Views - How many times they viewed the video(s) you sent. Unlike Watched, which functions as a Yes/No binary, there are no limits to the number of views per video. Recipients will often rewatch a great ThankView! A view is counted as soon as the recipient begins watching again. 
  • Shares - How many recipients shared their ThankView to Facebook
  • Replies - How many times this person sent an email or video reply to the ThankView you sent

The ThankView Engagement Score allows you to quickly identify your most valuable audience members. We do this by grading every action a recipient can take - from opening their email, to how many times they watch, to whether they reply or not - and so on. Our algorithm then weighs these actions based on their ability to determine a wanted value, which can include likelihood to give or attend an event or spread the word about a cause. The more you interact with your audience, the more predictive the Engagement Score gets.

The engagement score is cumulative across all campaigns. If a recipient hasn't opened a message, it won't penalize them until after 48 hours so that the system will give them some time to see the message.

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