• Donor Thanks - Reach out to donors to express gratitude for their gifts. Whether a personalized video or a general one, saying thank you will foster strong relationships between you and your donors!
  • Appeals/Solicitations- Day of Giving? Pledge reminders? Send potential donors a ThankView that reminds them to give and shows how their gift will impact your school or organization! Embedding a Giving Form is only available on this campaign category.
  • Video Request- Use this category if you want to solicit videos from students or other organization members! Send them a video request ThankView and they can reply with a video. You will be notified via email when they reply, and you can find their video in your video library under “Video Replies.” From there, you can take that video and send it out to recipients!
  • Event Related- Whether it’s a fundraising gala or the homecoming game, send guests a ThankView to remind them and build excitement. You can even include a link to RSVP as the call to action button in the message portion of the ThankView
  • Updates- Keep people in the loop about what is happening on campus or with your organization!
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries- When entering a contact’s information include his or her birthday in the send date. If it’s a couple, you can enter their anniversary. When you go to the send page of this campaign, it will automatically set the send date as the recipient’s birthday or anniversary.
  • Other- Have an idea that doesn’t fit in any of the previous categories? Members of the ThankView family are always coming up with creative new reasons to send ThankViews. From wishing people Happy Holidays to building hype for a March Madness game, there are endless opportunities to send a ThankView.

The Metrics tab allows you to compare different types of campaigns, so it is helpful to categorize each campaign as accurately as you can. This will allow you to see how engaged your viewers are with all the different types of campaigns.

You can choose which category you want to use when you press "Create New Campaign"  in your Campaigns page and choose the category dropdown.

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