Give your ThankView a subject line that recipients will recognize and will stand out amongst other emails. 

We have found that subject lines that include the name of your organization and the word “video” tend to do better. It allows recipients to know who the email is from and that they should click through to watch a video. 

Here are some examples of successful subject lines:

“A Thank You Video From Boston University!” from Boston University for Woof Love Giving Day. Open Rate: 73%.

“A Personalized Thank You from the U of A” from University of Arkansas for “All In for Arkansas.”  Open Rate: 82%.

“A Thank You Video From University of Tennessee!” from University of Tennessee for Big Orange giving day. Open Rate: 75.1%.

“Special Thanks From A Notre Dame Student” from Notre Dame University. Open Rate: 76%.

“‘Senioritis’ getting to you?” from Pepperdine University. Open Rate: 75%.

“A Heartfelt Video From UC Davis” from UC Davis for Valentine’s Day. Open Rate: 55%.

Here's a blog post that features more successful campaigns examples.

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