The message portion is optional, but it allows you to enhance the impact of your ThankView. There are two parts to this section: the call to action (CTA) button and the message.

The CTA button can link to a donation site, photo album, RSVP page, your organization’s home page, or whatever is most appropriate for the campaign. When naming the link, give it a name that will stand out to recipients and encourage them to click. Here are some suggested names (We recommend keeping them shorter if possible):

  • “Click here to donate!”
  • “Click here to make your impact today”
  • “See your donation in action!”
  • “See what’s happening on campus”
  • “Click to learn more!” 

The message portion provides 1500 characters to compose a brief note to your recipients. Within the message section, there are eight dynamic fields-- Title, First Name, Last Name, Notes, Ask Amount, Last Donation, Designation, and Years Giving-- that you can insert into your note. Selecting these buttons will personalize your message for each recipient. For instance, if you used Notes to include which department someone donated to, you could compose a message like this:

"Dear %Title% %last name%,

Thank you for your donation to %notes%! Your donation will have a major impact on the future of YOUR ORGANIZATION’S NAME. Click the link to see how your donation will impact our members. Thanks for your continued support of YOUR ORGANIZATION’S NAME!"

This message will look personalized for each recipient and will take you very little time to create!

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