When you first arrive at the VIDEOS page, you'll be prompted to select a recipient or recipients from the  recipient menu before adding your video content. This ensures your intended recipients will receive their correct ThankView videos.

From the new recipient menu you can:

  • Choose the entire list of recipients by clicking the "Select All" box, conveniently located at the top of your list.
  • Choose one recipient by clicking on the recipients name.
  • Group recipients by selecting multiple boxes
  • Use the Search bar above the recipients to look for a certain recipient or a group of them

You can change the information that is displayed by clicking the drop down and selecting which detail you’d like to view. This information can be used to group your recipients via the search bar. 

 When you're ready to record your video, press "Webcam" in the middle of the page, where you'll be able to record your video within the platform. To begin recording your video, press "Start Recording" on the lower right hand side.

 Then you will be prompted to record with a "3,2,1" countdown

You can move on to the next Recipient or press "Continue to Send" to be able to send to your recipients. 

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