To deliver more of your emails to inboxes and to keep our email reputation healthy, we require you to maintain a spam rate below 0.1% and a bounce rate below 10%.

So you can easily know your spam and bounce rates, we display your Bounce and Spam Rate right on the Welcome Page of your account. You can see how your account is doing Spam/Bounce wise using your Account Health. Here are the thresholds for the Health calculation:

Needs Improvement= If Bounce is >10% and/or Spam is >.15%
Good=If Bounce >6% and/or Spam is >.08%
Excellent=If Bounce <6% and/or Spam <.08%

If your ThankView sends go above either threshold, we will suspend your account temporarily and work with you to improve these rates before reactivating it.

Here are some great ways to lessen both bounce and spam rates:

  1. Make sure your recipients have explicitly opted in to receive emails from you.
  2. Remove recipients that have previously unsubscribed from other email services you use.
  3. Implement a sunset policy. A sunset policy is a best practice that removes recipients from your list that have not engaged in email outreach over a time period such as 6-12 months. This removes stale emails over time and will improve your overall engagement metrics. 
  4. Don’t send solicitation or marketing emails too often to the same recipients. We recommend waiting at least 2-3 months between emails. 
  5. Avoid subject lines that create a sense of urgency or excitement. Words such as “Now”, “Don’t Miss Out”, “Last Day”, using all caps or multiple exclamation points should not be used. Read more about how to build a great subject line!
  6. On the SETUP page, make sure to use a "From" name that is recognizable to your recipients. We recommend always including the name of your organization so the recipients are very clear who your ThankViews are coming from. Using a person’s name can trick recipients into opening the email, thinking it’s from a friend or colleague.

If you have any further questions about reducing spam and bounce rates, we're always here to help. Reach out to your designated Customer Success Manager or

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