You can add not one, but two videos to each recipient in your campaign! Here's a step by step of how video sequencing works.

The first step is to choose an Intro to your video.

The Intro is a great way to lead into your video with your own photos, logos and music. Each intro has different levels of customization, whether it’s the wording, the color, or the photos you’ll be able to make even the first few seconds before your video a customized experience for your recipient.

ThankView also has various holiday themes as well if you’re sending a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other holiday-themed ThankView campaign.

If you’d like your video to play without an intro, you can select "Continue without an intro."

The second step of the Videos page is Videos, where you can attach a video to each recipient. 

The third, final, and optional step of the Videos page is the Add-On Video. 

If you have a second video that you'd like everyone in the campaign to receive, you can add that video here.

Need some inspiration for how to use the Add-On Video? 

Video sequencing is great for combining a more personalized video, mentioning a single recipient or a group by name (Videos) with a more generic or edited video (Add-on) showing the entire recipients’ list how their donation has impacted your organization.

For a school’s Giving Day or Phone-a-thon, Video 1 could be a quick video of a student thanking a donor by name, recorded quickly on their phone or webcam, followed by a pre-recorded Add-on video of students and faculty showing donors what their gift means to campus.

Once you’ve finished all 3 steps, you can preview the intro, Video Part 1, and Video Part 2 all together by clicking "Preview Sequence." 

Here's a video that recaps the steps for adding videos on the Videos page.

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