On the ThankView platform, recipient data automatically updates to the most recent set of data that you uploaded. The system matches emails to recipients and overrides previous data if new data is introduced.

For example: If you have John Smith with a john.smith@gmail.com email in a scheduled birthday campaign and then use that same email address in a different campaign with the "First Name" as John & Jane Smith, then the new information ("First Name") will change automatically to John & Jane Smith if the scheduled birthday ThankView has not sent yet, even if the birthday campaign originally had only "John" as the "First Name."

Some options to go around this feature would be to:

  1. Use different fields to address the users. For a generic campaign, such as Thanksgiving, address the users by title and last name, then it would say Mr & Mrs. Smith. For a birthday campaign, address them by first name and last name, then it would say: John Smith.
  2. Use a different email for couples by using a "+" in the email. Personal emails would be john.smith@gmail.com and the couple's email would be john.smith+couple@gmail.com. This will differentiate the 2 sets of data. 

If you have any other issues with this, please let us know at support@thankview.com.

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