If you see that the audio on your video is not matching your video, you may be experiencing some A/V synchronization issues. 

These issues are caused by the fact that at the time of recording:

(1) The computer is either occupied with other existing tasks that use many of its resources (notably: CPU “cycles”), such that it cannot fully “keep up” with the recording;

(2) Or the user has pushed the browser window/tab with the Clipchamp widget on into the background, where the browser (and on macOS: the OS itself through the “AppNap” feature) throttles the resources;

Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do here other than to ask you to advise your users to shut down/pause any other existing jobs and to keep the browser window in the foreground.

There is also a setting in macOS where you can turn off AppNap, which prevents macOS’ auto-throttling of background windows. Please see this link for some help turning AppNap off on your Mac.

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