ThankView is meant to be used by departments of any size. Whether your organization has a 15-person team or you are the only staff member using the platform, ThankView is intuitive and easy to use. 

ThankView makes it simple to keep organized by using Lists for your recipients, tags for your videos, and comprehensive metrics available for all of your campaigns. 

One aspect that might be daunting is creating a video, especially personalized videos. We have a collection of Case Studies where you can see exactly how an organization made their ThankView campaign.  Check out how Georgetown filmed almost 2,000 personalized videos in two hours. You have various opportunities to include students, donor recipients, and other staff members in the video process. All you need is a working webcam or phone. 

We have all different types of resources to help with video and campaign creation. We have a blog filled with helpful articles for different types of campaigns throughout the year. 

Check out our 5 most creative ThankView campaigns so far, who knows, you might get on this list soon! 

Our FAQ Help Center is another feature that we work on to make ThankView even easier to navigate. 

Here are some Tips & Tricks to making a campaign. We also have tips for recording and personalizing your videos. 

We have a Youtube Channel with helpful videos and user testimonials. We even have a ~cool~ video series called "Now Viewing" where you can get some advice straight from the ThankView team. Go check it out! 

We host weekly trainings and webinars that you and your team are welcome to join! All of our webinars/trainings are open to the public and you'll be able to gain some ThankView knowledge while learning more about how other organizations use ThankView. At the link below, you can even watch past webinar recordings.

Another important feature of ThankView is our Facebook Community Page. We made this group in order to collaborate and interact with our partners. ThankView partners are even able to interact amongst each other. You are able to see real examples of how schools are using their ThankView platform as an integral part of their donor outreach. 

If you have any issues or questions on anything with ThankView, the Customer Success team is available to help! You can reach us at or on the blue chat icon on the lower right hand side of the screen.

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