For Appeals / Solicitation campaigns, you now have the option of embedding a giving form directly on the video landing page, instead of linking to a donation page with a Call-to-Action button.

This new feature lets your recipients donate to your organization directly through their ThankView, without having to go to a separate donation page. 

The iframe window appears below the video. If it is longer than the window recipients will have to scroll inside. 

To embed the giving form, choose the Embed a Giving Form option on the Page section of your campaign.

Choosing this option will present you with a field to enter a form embed code or “iframe”. These can often be provided by your CRM or donation platform.

Your embed code can either be a complete iframe, as the example in the field shows, or a link to the page you want to embed on your landing page. In either case, the page you’re trying to embed must be loaded over https

Currently, this feature is not compatible with iModules or GiveCampus. We hope to be able to embed their Giving forms soon so stay tuned! 

 Contact your Customer Success Manager or if you have any questions. 

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