Add-On Video
This is a second, optional video in your campaign that is a general video that will be received by all of your recipients and cannot be personalized per recipient.
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Admin Account
This account has all of the ThankView privileges within an organization's portal. This is the only permission level that allows to manage other users.
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Animated Format
This is an option on the Setup page of your ThankView campaign to turn the first 3 seconds of the video in your campaign into an animated gif. The gif will be the first animation that your recipients see in their email, as opposed to seeing an envelope.
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Ask Amount
One of the fields in a Recipient's information to put the amount of donation money you are soliciting. This information can in turn, be used as a merge field within a campaign.
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Birthday Campaign
This campaign category lets you send a ThankView on different dates i.e. for recipients' birthdays. You will need to put their birth date in the recipient's information and that date is when your ThankView will be sent. You can schedule this up to a year in advance.
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Bounce Rate
The rate of emails that are considered undeliverable. This can happen for a couple reasons: 

  1. The recipient email address does not exist.
  2. The recipient domain name does not exist.
  3. The recipient email server blocked delivery.
  4. The recipient's mailbox is full.

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For each common set of ThankViews you'd like to send you first start by creating a campaign. A campaign includes the list of recipients, design, page customization, video sequencing, and when you send your ThankViews. There is a "Campaign" tab on your navigation bar in a ThankView account in order to see all of the campaigns made in your account. You can measure how your campaigns perform (indivdually or by campaign type) in the Metrics of your account.
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Campaign Categories
An easy way to keep your campaigns organized. You can also keep track of how different categories do in your account's Metrics tabs. Different categories include: Appeals/Solicitations, Events Related, Thank Yous, Updates, Video Requests, Birthdays/ Gift Anniversaries. You can choose what category best fits the campaign you are creating.  *Related FAQ

Class Year
This is a field in the recipient data that pertains to the recipient's class year at your institution. This can be used as a merge field in a campaign. This merge field is only visible for accounts that are schools.
*Related FAQ

Closed Captions
These are subtitles for the videos that you are able to add/edit on your campaign. You can purchase credits to caption your videos in the Settings tab of your account under the My Account dropdown.
*Related FAQ

Click Rate
This measures the rate of people clicking on your sent ThankView. This percentage is calculated by dividing the total number of campaign sends by the amount of people that clicked to watch their video from their ThankView email or text.
*Related FAQ

This is a page where all of your recipients in your campaigns are consolidated. You can view this page on the top navigation bar where it says, "Contacts". Also, you can add people into a List so they can be added to the Contacts page. 

This is a permission level that lets you create, edit and send a campaign, look at metrics, and upload contacts. (Only admins can manage users)
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CSV file
We recommend that all spreadsheets be saved as a .csv file prior to uploading to ThankView. Anything that is exported from the ThankView portal will be downloaded as a .csv file including any metrics. 

CTA Button
This "Call-to-Action" button is found on the landing page below the video. This button can link to a donation site, RSVP invite or any page that you want your recipient to see. ThankView measures the number of times this button is clicked per campaign. You do not have to include a CTA button in your campaign.
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Custom Assets
These are your specifically branded assets (envelopes and landing pages) that are used in the ThankView portal. With your organization's assets uploaded, your Thankviews will have more of a branded experience for your ThankView recipients.  Please refer to your Settings option on the My Account to see if you are eligible for this. You can reach out to for more information if you would like this to your package.
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Custom Music
If this feature is part of your package, you can add your own music onto your ThankView campaign. The music has to be royalty-free. Contact your Customer Success Manager or to get started.
*Related FAQ

Customer Success
This is the dedicated team that is there to help you! The ThankView Customer Success team answers any questions you may have and makes sure that our partners are able to seamlessly use the platform. You can contact the Customer Success team at or on the blue chat button on at the bottom right hand corner of your ThankView portal. 

This is a half-hour demonstration of the ThankView platform. Go to to schedule a demo with us and see how ThankView can be used in your organization.

This is a field in the recipient data that can be included in your recipient info. This corresponds to the designation of the recipient's donation whether they donated to i.e. to Business School or a certain scholarship program etc. This can be used as a merge field in the messaging in your ThankView.
*Related FAQ

This is a permission level that has access to select and customize the theme and envelope.
*Related FAQ

DNS Implementation
This feature includes the ability to send your ThankViews to any email address. All we need is an internal email address to get started. After you send that to a member of the Customer Success team, you will be sent a set of instructions to be sent to your IT department to be implemented. Once the DNS is verified on our end, your ThankViews will be able to be sent from your organization's domain email, which adds a personal touch to your ThankViews.
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Email Replies
Your recipients can reply to your ThankViews via email. This feature can be turned off in the Page Setup of your ThankView campaign. 

Embedded Giving Form
This is a feature where you can put your organization's donation page directly into a ThankView. Your recipients can donate to you organization right in the landing page of their ThankView. This is only for partners that have White Labeling as part of their package.This feature can only be found in the Appeals/Solicitations campaign type.
*Related FAQ

Engagement Score
These stars are based on a ThankView algorithm that measure the level of interaction of a recipient with a ThankView they were sent. This algorithm is able to identify your most valuable recipients.
*Related FAQ

This is the top-rated subscription package of ThankView, which includes all of the features that ThankView has to offer. Enterprise partners have exclusive access to new features as well as the highest level of customization available on our platform. For more information, schedule a demo with us at

Envelope Format
This feature allows your ThankView videos to arrive in a recipient's email via an envelope that is able to be customized with your organization's branding. If this it not part of your package feel free to reach out to to purchase it at an additional cost.
*Related FAQ

Facebook Community Page
An amazing part of ThankView are out partners! Our facebook community is a great place to learn from and collaborate with other partners to make your sends even more incredible. Go to to join our Facebook Community to interact with the ThankView team and our partners from different parts of the world. 

FAQ articles
These are a set of articles written by the ThankView team in order to answer some of the common questions with the ThankView platform that we receive. Be sure to bookmark to have the FAQ at your fingertips.

This is a tab in the Video Library that stores videos that are favorited by a user. You can add tags to a video to further organize your videos e.g. givingday, or alumni. Tags make it easier to search among videos. The title and thumbnail can be changed on this tab.
*Related FAQ

This tool allows you to sort your contacts using different filters. You can filter whether you want to look at recipients that were considered undeliverable, reported spam, unsubscribed, valid emails, and by engagement score ratings. You can find this in a campaign or the Contacts tab. You can press the "Filter By" button.

First Name
One of the required fields in a recipient's data in order to be saved into a campaign. To add a recipient, you need to put in a First Name and Email or Phone number.  The First Name is also included as a merge field so you include a recipient's first name when addressing them in the campaign.
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You can create a folder within your Video Library to keep your videos organized to your liking. 

French Feature
This feature allows you to send your ThankView in French. This will change the Unsubscribe language on the bottom of the email and will change the text on the "Share," "Reply," and "Save" buttons.
*Related FAQ

Gift/Anniversaries Campaign
This campaign category lets you send a ThankView on different dates i.e. for a donation anniversary or any specific recurring date. For each recipient data, you will need to insert a date and that date is when your ThankView will be sent. You can schedule this up to a year in advance.
*Related FAQ

Intro Theme
This part of the video sequencing is considered to be like the opening credits of your video. This feature is optional so you do not have to include it if your video already has an intro. There are different themes for different occasions including giving days, birthdays, and generic themes you can choose from.
*Related FAQ

Landing Page
This is the page your video opens on after the recipient clicks into the ThankView email/textst. You can customize this background if it is part of your package or for an additional fee. Contact for more information.
*Related FAQ

Last Donation
This is a field in the recipient data that pertains to the last donation that the recipient made to your institution. This can later be used as a merge field to further customize your ThankView message.
*Related FAQ

Last Name
This is a field in the recipient data that pertains to the recipient's last name. This can be used as a merge field in a campaign. We recommend to have first and last name separated in the recipient data so you can choose how formal or informal you want to be in a ThankView campaign.
*Related FAQ

This feature helps to organize contacts into different groups. In turn, you can easily choose between "lists" when you are adding recipients to a campaign. You can access your lists for later campaigns.
*Related FAQ

Merge Fields
This is the recipient data that is used to customize the messaging in a ThankView campaign. You can choose which fields you want to include in the email messaging and the landing page description. You can only include merge fields in the text boxes that have "Insert Merge Field." These fields include: first name, last name, title, email/phone number, notes, donor ID, ask amount, last donation, designation, and years giving.
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ThankView provides downloadable metrics that include bounced, unsubscribes, opens, clicks, started video, completed video, CTA clicked, number of views, downloads, shares and replies. When these metrics are exported, you can also find a link for the recipient's ThankView video and a link for the video on the landing page.
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Metrics Account
This is a permission level that allows a user to view the metrics data of all the campaigns.
*Related FAQ

This is a field in the recipient data that is freeform with a 500 characters limit. You can include any information about a recipient in this section. This can be used as a merge field to be included in a campaign as further customization. This information will also appear at the top of video screen as you are recording to serve as a quick prompt while in the midst of recording.  
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Open Rate
This is calculated by dividing the number of recipients who open their ThankView email or text by the number of ThankViews that were sent in a campaign.
*Related FAQ

This is a permission level that allows a user to add recipients to a campaign.
*Related FAQ

Personal Account
This is a type of ThankView account meant for personal use such as wedding thank you videos, party invites, etc. Customized assets are not available. You can sign up for this at

This is an organization's branded ThankView platform. Multiple users can be added to one portal with different permission levels. All of your ThankView campaigns and metrics will be stored on this one portal.
*Related FAQ

This button is available so you can view what your Thankview will look like while you are working on a certain step of a campaign.

This is the person that is being sent a ThankView email or text. To add a recipient, you have to upload a First Name and email address or phone number. Recipients for all campaigns can be found under the Contacts tab or can be organized in a List.
*Related FAQ

This is a permission level that allows a user to record a ThankView video for recipients. Recorders have the ability to attach a video to recipients and upload videos to their ThankView portal. Admins and creators have the ability to approve or veto a video from a recorder.
*Related FAQ

Secondary Action Buttons
These buttons are found on the Landing Page of a ThankView under the video and message. There are four buttons to choose from: Email Replies, Video Replies, Downloading, Sharing. You can turn any of those off/on. If you choose to change your ThankView to another language these buttons will be changed to that language. 

Send Test
We always recommend sending a test! This feature can be found on the Send page of a campaign. This button will send a test email to the email that is logged in at that moment, so you can see how your ThankView will look like before you officially send to all your recipients.
*Related FAQ

This is a permission level that allows users to approve and send ThankViews.
*Related FAQ

Sender Email Address
This is the email address that the ThankViews will be sent from. The default email is After a DNS is implemented, you can change this email in the Setup page of your ThankView campaign.  Please refer to "DNS Implementation" to find out how to send from your organization's email domain.
*Related FAQ

Share Message
This is the message that will be written when a recipient shares a ThankView as a Facebook post. You can change this message on the Setup page of the campaign.

Share Title
This is the title of the Facebook post that will be written if a recipient shares their ThankView. You can edit this message on the Setup page of the campaign.

SMS Response
If a recipient sends a text response to a text campaign, this is the message they will receive after they send their text reply.

Spam Rate
This is the rate at which ThankView emails are reported be spam by a recipient or their email server. This is calculated by dividing the number of emails getting sent to spam by the number of ThankView emails sent in a campaign. You can see the emails that were reported as spam on your Contacts page and using the Reported Spam filter.
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Subject Line
This is the email subject line of the ThankView email that will be one of the first things that your recipient sees of the ThankView being sent.
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Using the ThankView platform consists of purchasing a subscription package. Different pricing structures are available for business and personal accounts. Please go to to find out more. Also referred to as "package."

This feature can be used on videos that are in the Saved tab in the Video Library to search for, organize and keep track of your videos. Examples of tags are: #givingday, #alumni, #RSVP
*Related FAQ

Thumbnail Format
This is an option on the Setup page of your ThankView campaign to make a video thumbnail or uploaded image be the first image that your recipients see in their email, as opposed to seeing an envelope.
*Related FAQ

This is a field in the recipient's data that pertains to the formal title of a recipient that can be: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr. This can further be used as a merge field to address your recipients more formally if you choose.
*Related FAQ

Today's Sends
This is a banner on the top of the page you see right when you log into your account. This notifies you of the number of available sends for the day. Per portal, a total of 25,000 sends are allowed per day.
*Related FAQ

Tracking Pixel
This optional feature helps your organization to track the traffic of your ThankView landing page
*Related FAQ

Trim Video
This feature allows you to shorten a video that is uploaded into ThankView. This is useful if you want to shave couple seconds off your video. You can find this after you press Edit on a saved video in the Video Library or on the bottom left of the video in your campaign.
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Your recipients have the option to opt out of ThankView emails. The "Unsubscribe" verbiage is found at the bottom of the ThankView email that is sent. You can see which recipients unsubscribe by using the Unsubscribed filter on the Recipients page of your campaign. 

User Account
This is an individual account login that is associated with an organization's branded ThankView portal.
*Related FAQ

Video Library
This is where all of your ThankView videos are stored, whether they are recorded directly into the platform, uploaded, or video replies from recipients or recorders. You can see the Video Library as an option on the top navigation bar of your account.

Video Overlays
This feature lets you further customize your videos with banners and borders directly on a video.
*Related FAQ

Video Ratio
This is the relationship between the height and width of a video. ThankView's video ratio is 4:3.
*Related FAQ

Video Replies
This is a video that is sent as a reply from a ThankView whether it's from a recorder of a Video Request campaign, or if it's a regular recipient sending a video reply of how much they love receiving ThankViews.
*Related FAQ

Video Request
Instead of sending a ThankView video, this campaign category allows you to request and receive videos from your recipients all within the ThankView platform. This campaign includes instructions and auto reminders for the recorders.
*Related FAQ

Video Sequencing
This is a great way to customize your ThankView campaign by adding more than one video. First, you have the option to include an Intro Theme. Then, you have to add a Video 1 to all of your recipients. This first video can be personalized to all or a group of your recipients. Next, you have the option to put an Add-On Video, Video 2. This Video 2 will be the same video that will be sent to all of your recipients. With this feature, you are able to send a personalized video just for your recipient along with a general video and ThankView will combine the two videos.
*Related FAQ

Video Thumbnail
This is the still picture that will be shown before your video plays. You have the option to change the thumbnail by pressing the Edit Thumbnail button on the bottom left of the video in a campaign. You can also edit the thumbnail once the video is saved in the Video Library. 

ThankView holds weekly Webinar Training Walkthroughs for any partner looking to learn how to use the ThankView platform. We also hold special Webinars to go over specific topics such as: CRM Integration, Giving Days, and Phon-a-thons.
**Register for these webinars here.

Years Giving
This is a field in the recipient's data that pertains to the amount of years that they have been donating to the organization. This can later be used as a merge field to further customize the messaging of the ThankView campaign.
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