You can trim your videos either in the video library or in the Videos section of your campaign. 

To trim a video in the Video Library, you have to press the Edit icon on the lower left of the selected video and then Trim Video to access this feature. 

A pop up feature will come up on your screen that with arrows to let your trim your video to your liking. Videos have to be at least 1 second long so a red bar will appear when you try to go less than a second. 

Once you click Apply, your trimming will be saved. 

To Trim a video in a campaign, click on the scissor icon on the bottom right of the video that will say Trim Video when you hover over it. 

Once a video is trimmed, only the untrimmed video content will be what is shown. You can click Preview Sequence below the video to see the trimming in place.

Trimming a video will shorten the video to your liking but it will not delete the parts of the video that were trimmed. If you ever need that full video again, you will be able to trim the video back its original length. 

Check out the video below to see how the Trim Video feature works. 

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