Bounce Rate is the rate of emails that are considered undeliverable. This can happen for a couple reasons: 

  1. The recipient email address does not exist.
  2. The recipient domain name does not exist.
  3. The recipient email server blocked delivery.
  4. The recipient's mailbox is full.

The emails that are bounced will come up as undeliverable and will be marked in red in the recipients list. 

Spam Rate is the rate at which ThankView emails are reported as spam by a recipient or their email server. This is calculated by dividing the number of emails blocked as spam by the number of ThankView emails sent in a campaign.  Emails that are reported spam will be grayed out. 

You can see the emails that were reported as spam or undeliverable in your Contacts page and using the Reported Spam or Undeliverable filter.

ThankView requires you to keep your Bounce Rate below 10% and your Spam rate below 0.1%.

You can keep track of your spam and bounce rates on the top of your campaigns page.

Check out the FAQ below on how to keep healthy bounce and spam rates: 

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