With Dynamic Personalization, we can take a single video and make it truly unique by creatively inserting the recipient’s name, gift amount, designation and more directly into a ThankView tailored just for them. 

Check out the UMass Dartmouth Case Study with Dynamic Personalization

Great Reasons for Dynamically Personalization

  • Donor or supporter thank-yous
  • Invites and event announcements
  • Support for Athletics programs
  • Thanking VIPs
  • Welcoming Accepted Students
  • Attracting Prospective Students 
  • Congratulations
  • Providing updates

Of course, any video is worth personalizing and we are here to help, which leads us to…

We’re Here to Guide You

Our team will help kick off the production process, providing guidance and suggestions through each step.

Brainstorms, kickoffs and check-ins

Our team will schedule a kickoff call between you and our Dynamic Personalization team to go through the process from A to Z. We’re always happy to brainstorm ideas and provide examples of successful ThankView videos. Even if you aren’t quite sure what you’d like to shoot or how you can add personalization to your existing idea, we are here to help!

If you are new to the ThankView platform, your Customer Success Manager will reach out to set up a training session. Additionally, they will provide an asset request form so our design team can get to work customizing every aspect of your video’s delivery experience so that it matches your exact look and feel.

Working with your video team or production company

We will work with your video team, be it an internal team or production company, to guide them on how best to set up shots for Dynamic Personalization. If you need help finding a video team for your project, we can introduce you to one of our preferred video partners. Please note that the final call on video edits will always be yours to give!

Making the magic happen

The approved final video along with your spreadsheet of recipient data is now ready to be handed off to our team of tech wizards who will get to work ASAP. After a few days, we’ll send a sample video with your data points dynamically added.

Once our sample is approved, we’ll begin to generate all of your personalized videos and upload them to your ThankView portal. The videos will be automatically paired to the correct recipient. All you’ll need to do is press “send”.

Track your success

With the ThankView platform, you’ll be able to track results and gain insights far beyond open rates with our real-time metrics dashboard.

Check out this webinar we recorded in October 2019 with more information about Dynamic Personalization

For pricing and more information about implementing a Dynamic Personalization campaign, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email support@thankview.com

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